Youth Outreach

Our goal is to create an active and informed electorate by focusing on increasing Youth participation. Indivisible IL 14 Youth Outreach will be working to do the following:

Identify youth groups in our district to support their actions and involve them in ours.
Identify opportunities to engage our youth into being active and informed voters. We will be engaging with our public high schools on a non-political level to help raise our voter registration and participation rates. We will also be working to discover ways to encourage participation in the policy debate that will happen when the election process begins in 2018.
Identify opportunities to develop and support our future leaders. Find opportunities to opportunities to encourage youth to take on civic roles, run for office and work in our government.

2014 Registered to Vote
42.2% ages 18-24
67.9% ages 18-29

2014 Voter Turnout
17.1% ages 18-24 voted
19.9% ages 18-29 voted

Why Youth Voting Matters


Voting is habit-forming: when young people learn the voting process and vote they are more likely to do so when they are older. If individuals have been motivated to get to the polls once, they are more likely to return. So, getting young people to vote early could be key to raising a new generation of voters.

Young people are a major subset of the electorate and their voices matter:
46 million young people, ages 18-29, are eligible to vote, while 39 million seniors are eligible to vote
Young people (ages 18-29) make up 21% of the voting eligible population in the U.S.

Young people’s participation can influence election results.

Involving young people in election-related learning, activities and discussion can have an impact on the young person’s household, increasing the likelihood that others in the household will vote. In immigrant communities, young voters may be easier to reach, are more likely to speak