Would you like to tell Rep. Hultgren, Sen. Durbin and Sen. Duckworth how you feel about healthcare? Here is your chance!

Indivisible IL14 is making a video of constituents to be delivered to our members of Congress and we want YOU to be part of it. All you have to do is one of the following:

    1. Record a short 30 second video with your message explaining your concerns about the ACA, AHCA, Medicare and/or Medicaid. Be creative but be sure to do the following to help us out:
      • Record your video on your phone horizontally
      • Say the name of your town at the beginning of the video


  1. Take a photo of you and/or your loved ones holding your message on a piece of paper

The deadline for submissions is June 25th.

Videos and photos can be sent to: IndivisibleIL14@gmail.com

Every voice added to the resistance makes us louder. Add your voice today and encourage others to join. Together we will be heard.