Indivisible IL-14 would like to congratulate Lauren A. Underwood for winning the 2018 IL-14 Democratic primary. We are energized, excited, and ready to work with the campaign to replace Rep Hultgren.

We had 7 candidates with varying messages and ideas. They all ran amazing races, dedicated themselves to getting to know their constituents and helped educate all of us. The voters in IL-14 have chosen whom we hope to represent us in Congress. That being said, we would like to re-state the purpose of this group.

Our goal is to replace Rep. Hultgren, to halt the course of this administration, and to hold Trump accountable. This group intends to fully back the candidate the voters of IL-14 have chosen. We realize that not everyone will agree with all of Lauren’s policies and ideas. We encourage you to find the things you like and discuss with her the things you don’t. Backing Lauren A. Underwood for Congress does not mean you have to stop trying to push her toward the policies you support. However, we are committed to ensuring the discussions in our group are constructive, civil and free of unnecessary attacks on candidates or political parties.

We hope you can join us in backing Lauren Underwood for Congress. We are excited and pumped to replace Randy Hultgren!

So get your walking shoes ready; gather your pens, postcards and stamps; and practice your phone voice…we’re gonna flip this blue!
– Indivisible IL-14 Leadership Team @IndivisibleIL14